The WELMO solution for the patient will be based on:

  • The development of a high-usable, easy-to-wear, machine-washable wearable, enabling the efficient and accurate real-time and continuous monitoring of the lung.
  • The development of corresponding software and data including signal processing algorithms. These will enable users to interpret the raw data collected and will lead to better understanding of lung’s conditions, supporting them in their tasks and decision making process.
  • The organization of two prospective 6-month validation studies are foreseen, with the participation of at least 25 subjects each, where the main technological features and the WELMO solution as-a-whole is going to be evaluated.
  • The participation of users from very early in the project. End users will be involved during the whole duration of the project, incorporating their feedback into the system’s development. Gender balanced participation will be achieved, during the execution of clinical validation studies. The vest will be produced for different body types and for both genders.