Main Goal

The diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of lung diseases depend on the availability of a variety of medical products. These include devices such as stethoscopes, blood gas analysis systems, spirometers, MRIs and functional imaging methods (EIT) that are discontinuously used both in the diagnosis and monitoring of the lung disease progression and treatment. The common drawbacks of all the stated examination methods are that they are not portable and only allow a momentary patient assessment at the time point of out-clinic visit or hospitalization.

WELMO aims to answer three key questions:

  • How can lung status and function be continuously and accurately monitored in a wearable setting?
  • How can COPD be cost-effectively assessed and treated to improve patients’ life quality?
  • How can visual and sound signals be combined to extract features so as to support health care professionals?

WELMO’s main goal is to develop, test, validate and commercialise a fully integrated proactive and personalised technology solution, providing 360° data from clinician, patient and external inputs. The technology solution combines a smart vest including sensors which measure and monitor specific COPD patient indicators. Combined with other personalised patient and environmental information, real-time data can be automatically uploaded to highly secure cloud-based patient medical records. From this hub, patients, clinicians and community health professionals can better monitor and manage integrated personalised care plans.